Are You Feeling Sad?

Guilt, shame, sadness, and regret are all emotions you may be experiencing after an abortion. Many women initially experience relief but struggle with their decisions months and years later.

More than physical side effects, men and women experience emotional side effects. If this is you, we are here to support you. You are not alone.

We Are Here To Listen

At Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center, we understand how important it is to talk with someone if you’re dealing with post-abortion emotions. Perhaps you feel that those around you will judge you, or you’re ashamed of your decision, so you haven’t been able to talk with them.

Maybe you thought that once it was over, you could move on with your life. Now you’re finding it is more complicated than you thought.

You likely feel overwhelmed. Sometimes those who choose abortion feel conflicting emotions of doubt, sadness, and relief. We are here if you’re having trouble getting back to your daily life and need to talk.

How We Can Help

Get the help you need. Our peer counselors are trained and ready to meet with you in a safe and compassionate environment. It’s important to receive counsel and resources to get through this.

You’ve known loss whether you experienced a spontaneous miscarriage or chose abortion. Let us help you recover. There is healing and hope.