Are You Considering Parenting?

An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean your life is over. It can be a great new beginning.

Parenthood is demanding and rewarding at the same time. If you’re considering parenting, you may be surprised at the many resources available to assist you.

You can Be A Successful Parent

Successful parenting is possible with a bit of guidance and support. Our client advocates can help you explore what pregnancy and parenting would look like for you. They’ll show you the available resources and assist you in overcoming challenges you may face.

Single or co-parenting takes determination, focus, and strength, but you’d be surprised at the amount of community support available for women who choose to parent. You can receive material help, grants, and financial assistance.

How We Help

At Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center, we provide the Parent Empowerment Program (PEP). This unique program offers ongoing emotional and practical support to women and families.

By participating in workshops, watching educational videos, and meeting for support sessions with peer counselors, PEP allows prospective and current parents to earn the items they need for their babies and toddlers. Plus, PEP parents may receive diapers and other toiletries.

What About Your Future?

Undoubtedly, becoming a parent is a life-changing event. If you choose to parent, we want to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Our client advocates will work closely with you to help you integrate parenting into your future.

Is Parenting Right For You?

Like all of your pregnancy options, only you can decide if parenting is right for you. Every child, like every parent, is unique, making your parenting style unique.

If you want to learn more about the parenting option, a client advocate will be happy to provide you with the information you need. We offer resources, community referrals, and education to help you along your parenting journey. You won’t be parenting alone. We’ll be right beside you every step of the way.